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Welcome To Skyport Drones

Providing Premium Aerial Data Collecting and Media Services .

About Us

Amazing advancements in drone technology has made acquiring data more accessible, accurate and affordable than ever before. At Skyport Drones we use a combination of highly sophisticated drones coupled with high-powered software to provide state of the art aerial solutions for your company. Whether your project is just breaking ground, at completion, or somewhere in between, Skyport Drones is here to assist you at you every step of the way.

"Drones are quite literally disrupting the current way we gather data"


Lets face it technology plays an increasingly important role in your companies success, to put it frankly, you're either an early adopter and enhancing your business or falling behind as your competition does. At Skyport Drones we offer a wide variety of aerial services aimed to save you time, cut down on labor costs, make you more efficient and ultimately give your company a competitive advantage.


Using drones equipped with high powered sensors, Skyport Drones can capture, aggregate and generate a full set of deliverable's for your project to include, high resolution 2-D Orthomosaics, elevation models, 3-D models. In addition to being higher resolution, they also are up to date and accurate up to 2cm.


Ranging from environmental and habitat monitoring, to HVAC and roofing. We offer simple yet highly effective solutions to get you the information you need for your book keeping. Drones make once potentially dangerous jobs, much safer, and offer just as good if not better vantage points to help you with grading, monitoring progress over time, and scouting work sites for potential hazards.

Aerial Imagery

Whether you're looking to highlight the features and amenities of a given property, provide an aerial tour for your golf course, add stunning aerial cinematographic visuals for your project or just need to beef up your marketing campaign, Skyport Drones can help you with our eye popping aerial imagery services.

360° & VR

As always Skyport Drones prides itself on staying ahead of the curve and continues to offer fresh innovative ways to market your company and differentiate yourself. We now offer a way to give your audience an immersive experience unlike before with our 360° /VR Photography.

Who We've Worked With

Why Us?


Our UAV pilots are FAA certified, licensed and legally able to operate commercially, while being licensed alone does not make one an expert you can take comfort in knowing we work under the guidelines and confines of the FAA.


As with most things, we've found there is no substitute for experience. At Skyport Drones our licensed pilots have put in the necessary airtime to ensure complete command of the remote aircraft. Collectively we've logged several hundred flying hours so you can feel confident that your mission will be flown safely.


While an accident is unlikely, take comfort in knowing Skyport Drones is insured for liability so that you can spend more time concentrating on the details of your project and less time worrying about an untimely accident.


The rules governing drones is constantly expanding and changing, we take pride in being current with the latest regulations. Safety is of the utmost importance to us and while we always aim to please, making sure that we operate safely and are compliant within the rules of the FAA is always our first priority.


Without accurate and precise data, and ways to analyze and interpret that data, the drone by itself is nothing more than a commodity. At Skyport Drones not only do we provide you with helpful metrics but go one step further to help you interpret that data to make it most helpful to you.


We realize as great as we are alone, it is through collaboration that real growth can happen. At Skyport Drones we've been fortunate enough to have a number of strong relationships and strategic partnerships that allow us to maximize and enhance our overall offerings.

Added to provide value our clients who want to showcase their space in an immersive and imaginative way Skyport Drones also provides 360° content as well. Optimized for easy viewing and shareability 360 is an easy and affordable way to add immediate "wow" factor to any project.

What Clients Have To Say

"Working with Skyport Drones was an extremely positive experience. They both listen to what the client needs and also offers valuable advice on how to create the best project, maximizing both time and money"-Lavesh P. Learn Bhangra App

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122 E. Chatham St. Cary, NC 27511

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